Work Strengthening and Conditioning

Work Strengthening and Conditioning

As employees recover from acute work-related injuries, they may be referred for the work strengthening and conditioning program. This program imitates work conditions with a focus on repetitive labor tasks. The goal is to help the worker regain strength and endurance so that they may return to work safely and with confidence that they are at a lower risk of reinjury. 

This program includes: 

  • Initial assessment by Physical Therapist to establish baseline performance as it relates to job demands 
  • Development of individualized program that addresses job demands and current deficits 
  • Body mechanics training and practice 
  • Progressive cardiovascular fitness, endurance training, strength training, stretching, job specific simulation tasks 
  • Sessions lasting up to 4 hours/day, 2-3 days/week  

Together we can make your workplace safer and healthier.

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