Drug and Alcohol Screening

Drug and Alcohol Testing Service

Tualatin and Hillsboro are home to Oregon Occupational Medicine’s two clinics; both perfect candidates for ensuring your employees are drug free. Our offices offer a professional and comfortable environment so you and your employees feel respected during this routine screening. Drug and Alcohol Screenings are common in nearly every occupation and are required by the vast majority of government institutions and professional business settings. Our offices in Tualatin and Hillsboro offer both pre-employment drug screenings and post-incident testing.

Pre-Employment Drug Screenings

Pre-Employment Drug Screenings have become the norm in most professional business settings. Simply stating that you will require new candidates to perform a pre-employment drug screening on job postings keeps many unwanted candidates from applying. That means that those candidates that do make it to requiring testing are far more likely to pass, and far more likely to fit your company’s needs, maintaining a professional drug-free work environment. Pre-Employment Drug Screenings have long been required for military and law enforcement personnel. Trusted urine testing techniques ensure that your candidates are drug free, testing for illicit drugs as well as prescription medications not prescribed to the individual such as Adderall or Opiates.

Please ensure you have a Service Authorization and bring it with you upon your visit. We cannot perform the test without this information. After filling out some paperwork and signing a consent form you will be called back to perform the test.

Following a brief questionnaire, candidates will be asked to remove everything from their pockets, after which they are inspected by one of our staff. Next they are asked to provide a sample into a cup on the premises. We are well aware of the many techniques for tampering with urine testing and work hard to catch those trying to cheat before the sample is tested. We check for urine storage devices, and ensure correct urine temperature once received. We keep the process simple and professional, requiring the candidate to sign their name through each step of the process and treating them with respect and dignity as we ask them to remove jackets and external clothing. 

Our offices are warm and comfortable. We understand that many candidates are unable to provide a sample immediately. If someone requiring a drug screening needs extra time or water, we are more than happy to accommodate. It is an unusual experience to be asked to pee in a cup by a medical professional and unsurprisingly it’s not unusual to not need to use the restroom during your scheduled visit. Every week we see firefighter candidates, future big-rig truck drivers, and future law enforcement who are uncomfortable about this experience and require a little extra time to give us a sample, so our staff couldn’t be more understanding.

As we are a full service medical clinic, we handle a large number of pressing medical issues on a daily basis. As such, patients coming in for a drug screening may have extended wait times as patients that require immediate assistance will be seen first.

Post-Incident Testing

Most larger businesses and unions and government organizations and insurances require a post-incident drug and alcohol screening to ensure that the employee was not under the influence when the accident occurred. It is critical that these tests are performed accurately as an employee’s job may be on the line. These tests must be performed during a short window following the incident. Our office is responsive to calls and can make appointments quickly at one of our two offices to ensure an accurate sample is received.

As we are a walk-in clinic, we see drug screenings on a walk-in basis.

Take the guesswork out of new hires and accident reports. Call our office today to learn more about Drug and Alcohol Screening for your business.


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