Respirator Fit Testing

To obtain a respirator fit test, you must have a valid respirator certificate signed by a physician clearing you to wear a respirator.

You must bring the respirator you will be wearing to your test. OOM does keep on hand respirators for certain companies only, so please check with your supervisor before showing up without one.

Respirator Fit Testing is a series of OSHA mandated tests to ensure no leaks break the seal of a work-grade respirator such as those seen on construction sites and used while painting or when harmful fumes could be inhaled. Making sure your respirator has a proper seal is integral to using the device correctly. If you do not have a quality seal you could be breathing toxic fumes from your place of work which can permanently damage your health. Because of this OSHA states:

“Under 1910.134, fit testing must be performed initially (before the employee is required to wear the respirator in the workplace) and must be repeated at least annually. Fit testing must also be conducted whenever respirator design or facial changes occur that could affect the proper fit of the respirator.”

You can find the full OSHA Fit Testing Procedures Here.

At our office we perform Qualitative Fit Testing and will provide any OSHA paperwork required for your visit. A Qualitative Fit Test ensure the seal of your respirator by first having you apply your mask and then place your head in a hood which is then squirted with a solution. If the solution is found to penetrate the seal of the mask, the test fails.

Here is some general information to know before the test:

  • If you have your own respirator, please bring it to your appointment. Ask your company if you need to bring your respirator if you aren’t sure.
  • Please make sure any facial hair complies with OSHA regulations for fit testing:

“The test shall not be conducted if there is any hair growth between the skin and the facepiece sealing surface, such as stubble beard growth, beard, mustache or sideburns which cross the respirator sealing surface.”

  • You must have a respirator certification signed by a physician before they can be fitted.

If you or your employees require Qualitative Respirator Fit Testing per OSHA regulations, give our office a call today. Our staff is here to ensure your workplace safety while using a protective mask.

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